A new car-sharing service has come to Kansas City. ZipCar service is now available to Rockhurst and University of Kansas City students and faculty. The car sharing service allows customers the convenience of a rental car service without the hefty fees. ZipCar allows customers to rent a car for just a matter of a few hours or they can pay $69 and rent a car for the whole day. But is the car sharing service safe for other Kansas City drivers?

You’ve heard the shocking stories about what drivers have done in their rental cars. Driving erratically and dangerously is not unheard of. Would students and faculty do the same? Customers of ZipCar know that if they were to be involved in an accident, they’d only be on the hook to pay a couple hundred dollar deductible. Most other drivers worry about the damage to their vehicle and their insurance premiums if they were to be involved in an accident which generally speaking, makes most car owners safer.

The real concern about the safety of car sharing services isn’t only the intent of the driver…it’s the inexperience. Most of the customers of a car sharing service don’t need a vehicle often enough to warrant purchasing one. People who don’t own cars don’t drive cars very often. The lack of experience that ZipCar customers could have could make Kansas City roads a bit more dangerous. Their driving skills and instincts could get a bit rusty over time.

Car-sharing services are convenient for drivers who don’t have a need or desire to own a car. However, unfamiliar drivers with free insurance policies driving a vehicle they don’t own could spell disaster for other Kansas City drivers.

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