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Learn 3 Possible Causes of Kansas City Construction Debris Accidents and 3 Injuries that Could Result

Construction can be a rewarding job. You get to work with others to create or improve a building. However, construction can also be a dangerous job even for experienced construction workers. Some of the dangers are obvious. Crane accidents, for example, are often reported in the news, and the dangers of power tools are readily apparent. Yet these are not the only things that can create a dangerous accident. Construction debris accidents can also result in serious injuries. Learn how and learn why you might need the assistance of a Kansas City construction accident lawyer.


How Construction Debris Accidents Result in Serious Injuries


There are several ways in which debris can result in an accident. Consider for example what could happen to a construction worker who:


  • Is hit in the head by tools, garbage, or other materials that fall from scaffolding, ladders, or other pieces of construction equipment.
  • Trips and falls on construction debris left on the ground.
  • Is hurt by debris that results from a construction accident such as a crane or motor vehicle collision.


Regardless of the location of the debris or its source, debris may result in significant injuries, including, but not limited to:


  • Head injuries.
  • Broken bones.
  • Significant lacerations.
  • Other injuries.


You may not have to bear the expense of these injuries on your own. Instead, you can contact an experienced Kansas City construction injury lawyer for help.


Why You Should Call a Kansas City Construction Accident Attorney if You’re Hurt


A construction injury attorney can help you understand your rights and potential recovery after a construction debris accident injury. Your lawyer will also fight hard to get you the recovery that you deserve so that you can move on with your life.


For more information about how a lawyer can help you, please contact our Kansas City construction accident law firm today at (816) 471- 5111 or (888) 348-2616, and read our FREE book: How to Avoid Becoming a Work Injury Horror Story.

James Roswold
James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.

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