You drank last night and decided to stay where you are and sleep.  So you slept for a few hours and now it is morning and you’re safe to drive home.  Or are you?
It is time, not sleep that determines your blood alcohol level after a night of heavy drinking.  A survey of British motorists found that more than one third of drivers admitted to driving first thing in the morning after drinking excessively the night before. Many of these drivers still had blood alcohol concentrations well over the legal limit of 0.08%.
On average, it takes the body an hour to get rid of one unit of alcohol.  One regular beer takes at least two hours to be processed by the body.  A glass of wine takes 4 hours.  But, these calculations can vary dramatically depending on how healthy the drinker is and how much they’ve eaten.  Because a big meal means that alcohol is absorbed more slowly, it also means it will take longer to sober up. After a night of heavy drinking, it can take twelve hours or more for the drinker’s BAC to return to legal levels. To learn more, read our library article “How Long Does Alcohol Stay in the Body?
During the holiday season, many people attend parties and celebrate late into the evening.  Most of us know to watch for drunk drivers when driving late at night, but we should also watch for drivers under the influence in the morning.  To learn how to avoid drunk driving accidents, read out library article: “Protect Yourself from Kansas City Drunk Drivers.”

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