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Latest Study Finds Kansas City Hospitals in the Middle of the Safety Pack

Approximately 400 people die due to hospital errors every day in the United States according to recent data released by the Leapfrog Group. Recently the Leapfrog Group rated hospitals in the United States according to important factors relevant to patient safety, such as the occurrence of medical errors, medication errors, infections and injuries.


Kansas City hospitals were neither among the best nor the worst in the nation. Find out the specific grades received by Kansas City hospitals in this study and why you should contact a Kansas City medical malpractice lawyer if you’ve been hurt by a hospital error.


Safety Grades of Kansas City Hospitals


The following Kansas City hospitals received a “B” grade from the Leapfrog Group:


  • The University of Kansas Hospital.
  • St Luke’s Northland Hospital.
  • St Luke’s Northland Hospital Smithville Campus.
  • Truman Medical Center


The following Kansas City hospitals received a “C” grade from the Leapfrog Group:


  • Providence Medical Center of Kansas City.
  • South Central Kansas Regional Medical Center.
  • Research Medical Center Main Campus.
  • Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill.
  • Carondelet Health St. Joseph Medical Center
  • North Kansas City Hospital.


The score for St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City is still pending. Additionally, some hospitals are exempt from participation in the study due to size or other factors.


A rating below “A” does not necessarily mean that you will be hurt if you go to that hospital, but it may mean that you should do further research into the safety of the hospital and talk to your doctor about your specific concerns.


Contact a Kansas City Medical Malpractice Attorney if You’ve Been Hurt


If you have suffered a Kansas City hospital injury, then we encourage you to contact an experienced Kansas City injury lawyer today for a free consultation about your rights. Our experienced attorneys can be reached at (816) 471- 5111 or (888) 348-2616.


You can also learn more about a potential medical malpractice case in our FREE book: The Truth About Medical Malpractice Claims.

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