Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common and most serious injury-producing accidents that occur to workers on a construction site.  About 50 percent of all the work-related fall deaths involve construction workers.  This short list of Missouri construction site deaths comes from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).  The list illustrates a few of the many ways a construction worker can be injured in a fall.
• Construction foreman dies following 45-foot fall from roof of condominium
• Construction worker dies following 40-foot fall from cellular tower in Missouri
• Tower construction worker dies following 940-foot fall from television tower
• Tower construction worker dies following 200 foot fall from radio tower
• Siding installer dies after six foot fall from ladder-jack scaffolding
• Highway department supervisor falls from bluff in Missouri
• Roofer dies following 22-foot fall from residence
• Construction worker dies as a result of an 11-foot fall from unguarded residential deck
• Journeyman roofer dies after 14.5 foot fall through roof opening
• Journeyman roofer dies from 12-foot-fall from ladder 
• Journeyman roofer dies from 25-foot-fall through structural decking
• Roofing installer dies after 16-foot fall from a suspended runway
• Carpenter helper dies following fall from motorized utility cart in Missouri
• Journeyman ironworker dies following a twenty-two feet six inch fall from a steel structure
• Iron worker dies from injuries received from 20-foot fall from working platform 
Construction site falls may be due to faulty equipment such as defective scaffolding or ladders, to dangerous working conditions, or to inadequate” housekeeping” and poor maintenance of the construction site.  However, there are four main factors that contribute to most slip and fall accidents.
1. Condition of walking surface: Uneven surfaces, potholes, cracks, temporary, bridges and walkways, changing elevations and changing routes and conditions, curbing and muddy soil conditions are common conditions on construction sites.
2. Impact of environmental conditions: Water from rain and other spills can pool and result in slippery conditions. Snow and ice and mud can also create hazards.
3. Obstructions:  Obstructions on a construction site can include debris, materials and tools, portable equipment, cables, hoses and power cords, etc.
4. Site coordination issues: When multiple contractors work at a site, it may be unclear who is responsible for site safety and maintenance.
5. People issues: Carrying heavy equipment and tools may affect a workers balance. Improper footwear can increase risk of slips and falls as can chronic pain or illness.
One in every three construction fatalities is due to a fall. Falls on construction sites may  also cause:
• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Broken or Fractured Bones
• Burn Injuries
• Electrocution
• Paraplegia
• Quadriplegia
• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Wrongful Death

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