What is a broken collarbone?
A clavicle fracture or broken collarbone is an extremely common motorcycle accident injury.
The clavicle (collarbone) is the bone over the top of the chest, between your breastbone (sternum) and shoulder blade (scapula). The clavicle can be broken if an accident victim falls of the motorcycle onto an outstretched hand or if the victims falls and hits the outside of the shoulder. Broken collarbones can also be caused by a direct hit to the clavicle.
What are the symptoms of a broken collarbone?

•    Shoulder pain
•    Swelling
•    Bruising
•    Sagging shoulder (down and forward)
•    Inability to lift the arm because of pain
•    A grinding sensation if an attempt is made to raise the arm
•    A deformity or "bump" over the fracture site
  How is a broken collarbone diagnosed and treated?
At the doctor's office or in the emergency room, an x-ray will show the fracture. The doctor should also perform a physical examination to ensure that the nerves and blood vessels surrounding the bone have not been damaged.
Treatment of a fractured clavicle involves resting and allowing the injury to heal. The bone will be immobilized in a sling or brace. Surgery is only required if the skin is broken or if the fracture is severely displaced or shortened.
Patients may be given medication for pain during the first few weeks. After this time, the pain should subside. Patients should avoid any activities that cause pain to get worse or that cause new pain. They may need to take time off from work.
Most clavicle fractures heal completely within 12 weeks. After this patients are able to return to their regular activities. 

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