Road rash is the common name for road burn injuries.  These injuries are painful scrapes, burns, bruises and abrasions that occur in Kansas City motorcycle crashes when motorcyclists are thrown from or dragged by their bikes.
As skin comes into contact with pavement, gravel, or the ground during a motorcycle accident, the friction between the road surface and the skin results in serious burns that may be embedded with pieces of glass, asphalt and grave .  The resulting road rash injuries often require emergency medical treatment and hospitalization.  Scrapes from road rash may require stitches.  
Road rash treatment may be complicated by other injuries such as broken bones or internal injuries.
  Severe road rash can cause scarring and even permanent.  Treatment of serious road rash injury often involves lengthy hospital stays and may require plastic surgery or even skin grafts. When left untreated, road rash injuries can result in a serious, possibly life threatening, infection.
Avulsion Injuries
Avulsion injuries are road rash scrapes that strip away all the layers of the skin. The underlying structures such as muscle, fat and tendons may be exposed.  These are often treated with skin grafts and there a serious risk of infection because the internal structures are exposed to dirt and air.

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