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Kansas City Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Warns of Medication Restraints

Some types of nursing home abuse in Kansas City are harder to detect than others, yet are just as serious. The improper use of medication, for example, may not result in bruises and broken bones, but may harm a patient nevertheless. Some nursing home employees use medications to chemically restrain a patient, or make the patient more compliant and easier to handle.

If your loved one is in a nursing home, it is important to be aware of the potential problem of improper prescription medication, to learn how to determine if it is happening to your loved one, and to know how to contact an experienced Kansas City nursing home abuse attorney for help. Nursing Home Abuse by Prescription Medication? Find Out if Your Loved One is at Risk
If you visit a nursing home resident and find that he or she is unusually calm, sedated, confused, or fatigued, then it is important to consider whether a medication could be the cause of the behavior change. Often you can find out by talking to the resident’s doctor. For example, you might ask the doctor:
  • Whether there have been any recent medication changes.
  • If changes were made, ask why they were made and who authorized the changes.
  • If changes were not made, ask the doctor to explain why your loved one appears different.
  • To test for the presence of antipsychotic or other medications in your loved one.

Prescription medication may have side effects and may alter your loved one’s abilities. Accordingly, prescription medication should only be given under direction of a doctor for an identified medical need and not to make a patient more compliant against his or her will.
Contact a Kansas City Nursing Home Abuse Attorney to Learn More
If your loved one has been hurt by this type of Kansas City nursing home abuse, it is important to contact an experienced Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyer at (816) 471- 5111 or (888) 348-2616. You can also learn more about protecting your loved one’s rights in our FREE book: 10 Essential Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Injury Claim.
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