We all expect to be reasonably safe when entering, leaving, or visiting a business. And in fact, just as a business or property owner must eliminate hazards that can cause injury from slips and falls, they are also responsible for proper security, so visitors are not at risk of being injured, assaulted, beaten, or even killed when visiting the business.  
"Premises and Security Liability" laws are laws that require property owners to be responsible for protecting visitors from harm - and harm includes criminal activity. Property owners must provide proper lighting, security guards, and any other measures necessary to ensure visitor safety.
Despite these laws, every year hundreds of people are assaulted, raped, robbed or even killed in and outside of Kansas City parking lots, shopping malls, retail stores, banks, night clubs, bars, bus stations, train stations, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels and apartment buildings because of inadequate security. These crimes are preventable.
When a person is harmed because a business did not provide adequate security, that person has the right to file a negligent security or security liability lawsuit against the property owner. There are several types of Missouri negligent security claims:
Landlord liability: If a landlord fails to provide required security devices such as window or door locks, the landlord is liable for any crime resulting from that failure. 
Negligent security liability for property owner who fails to protect from a known danger:  A property owner has the duty to protect visitors from dangerous conditions.  When an owner of property knows that the location of a property is dangerous, the owner is liable for any injury caused by a failure to provide security guards or other safety measures reasonable to protect the public or invited visitors to the property.  This is true even when the dangerous condition is a person. If a business owner or other property owner knows of a dangerous individual on the property, he is liable for any injury that is caused by that individual.

Bank Security Liability: Banks are dangerous places because they are targets for bank robberies. Banks are liable for inadequate security which leads to injury. 
Employer Security Liability for Negligent Hiring: Employers must screen certain employees to make sure that their customers and guests are safe. If a business fails to do background checks on predatory employees, they may be liable if an employee harms a customer or guest.

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