Many people are aware that the number one cause for distracted driving accidents these days is due to cell phone use while driving. Kansas City and other metropolitan areas have begun utilizing anti-texting campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and prevent fatal accidents due to distracted driving. However did you know that in 2003, the leading cause of distracted driving was rubbernecking?

Rubbernecking is the act of watching roadside incidents like an accident or police pull-over instead of focusing on the road and can be very dangerous. In fact, a new study found that even just a two second distraction can more than double your risk of being in a car wreck. The rubbernecking study conducted in 2003 by the Virginia Commonwealth University found that rubbernecking was the cause of 16% of all collisions; many of these preventable rear-end accidents. Rubbernecking accidents can result in serious, even fatal, injuries. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and severe neck and back injuries are common after a rubbernecking accident and can result in mounting medical expenses.

In order to prevent rubbernecking accidents, it’s important to stay focused on the road ahead. If traffic slows due to an injury accident or police pull-over, be sure to maintain a safe distance behind the car in front of you. Keep your attention on what’s going on around you and avoid gazing out the window to watch the accident scene. Be alert that the driver behind you may or may not be paying attention to the road and be prepared to pump your breaks or honk if he or she doesn’t slow down.

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