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Winter in Kansas City: Avoiding Winter Slips and Falls

It is winter in Kansas City.  We’ve already had a few large snowstorms and it is likely that there are still a few to come. Stay safe this winter – do not underestimate the dangers of snow and ice.
Each winter, slip and fall accidents claim the lives of hundreds of Americans and leave thousands more injured. When there is ice or snow, be careful. Even a surface that does not look especially icy or slippery can be slick putting at risk of injury. Anytime a step, path, sidewalk or roadway appears to be covered with ice or snow, use caution. 
Property owners have a duty to keep sidewalks and steps clear and prevent visitors from being injured.  But, you can also do your part. Following the following cold weather tips may prevent a serious injury.
1. Remember that there may be ice under snow.  Don’t assume a surface is safe just because you don’t see ice.
2. Dress for weather, but make sure that your clothing does not restrict your vision.  Hoods, ski masks, scarves, floppy hats can keep you from seeing icy patches or other objects that can cause a fall.
3. Wear shoes appropriate for the weather.  In icy conditions, opt for shoes with tread rather than high heels.
4. Be careful on steps. Walk slowly and use the hand rail. Steps especially can be hard to clear and ice builds up quickly.
5. When walking outside, take smaller steps than usual.  Keeping your knees bent will help reduce slips and the risk of injury.
6. Avoid walking on the street and the sidewalks whenever possible. If the sidewalk has not been cleared and you have no other choice, walk against the flow of traffic and stay as close to the curb as possible.  Wear bright or reflective clothing so you stay visible and be especially watchful of icy patches.  If you fall, a car may not be able to see you.
7. Cross only at designated crosswalks.

8. Stay away from the edges of buildings and watch for falling ice.  Large icicles can build up quickly.  When they fall, they can cause serious head injuries or death. Be careful!
If you were injured in a Kansas City slip and fall accident caused by ice on stairs, in an entry way, in a parking lot or on a sidewalk, you may have a Missouri premises liability claim. Don’t be left paying for injuries that could have been prevented, a Kansas City personal injury attorney can help you determine if you are eligible for compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. To learn more, contact Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys toll free at 888-348-2616. 
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