causes for slip and fall accidentsWere you seriously injured in a Kansas City slip and fall accident? You might feel a little goofy when you tell someone about your accident – after all, slips and falls are the mainstay of comedy.  However, most slip and falls are not the result of klutziness and are in fact serious accidents that could have been prevented with proper maintenance.
Common causes of preventable Kansas City slip and fall accidents include:
• Spills
• Uneven sidewalks
• Uneven or broken pavement
• Unexpected steps or steps that are difficult to see
• Poorly lit steps
• Steps without rails or handholds
• Wet, slippery or icy steps
• Wet, slippery or icy floors
• Elevators that do not line up with the floor
• Cracked or uneven patios
• Wheelchair ramps without handrails
• Rugs and floor mats that do not lie flat or scoot when walked on
• Improperly installed carpet
• Poorly designed wheelchair ramps
• Garbage or debris
• Sudden stops of escalators
• Electrical wires that cross walkways
You are not alone. Anyone can be injured in a slip and fall accident.  In fact, slips and falls are the leading cause of accidental injury and cause more than one million injuries each year.  In many cases, the injuries are serious or even disabling. 
Most slip and fall accidents can be prevented.  Property owners have a legal duty to ensure that their property is free of slip and fall hazards.  Spills should be cleaned up.  Icy steps should be salted and warning signs should be posted.  Uneven flooring or ragged rugs should be repaired. 

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