A tractor trailer accident may be dramatic and result in serious injuries or fatalities. However, big rigs are not the only types of trucks that can create dangers on Kansas City roads. Consider the many types of smaller trucks that you likely pass on city streets every week. Garbage trucks, dump trucks, box trucks, moving trucks, and other smallerSmall Truck Wreck types of trucks can also result in serious injuries or fatalities. Whether you have been hurt by a big rig or smaller truck, it is important to contact an experienced Kansas City truck accident attorney for help.

The Dangers of Smaller Trucks

The potential dangers of smaller trucks, such as the ones described above, should not be overlooked. Smaller trucks are not the same as passenger cars and may cause accidents because of:
  • Blind spots.


  • Inexperienced drivers or drivers who are not appropriately trained to drive or operate a truck on Kansas City streets.


  • Improper loading of cargo.

These causes are similar to the causes of tractor trailer accidents and issues of liability may also be similar. For example, there may be an employer, or trucking company, involved and a Kansas city truck crash lawyer will likely look at driver negligence, truck maintenance, and company policies and procedures when investigating the cause of your accident.

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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