Have you sustained an eye injury in a Kansas City workplace accident? Were you wearing eye protection at the time? Workplace injury statistics show that nearly 60 percent of workers who sustain eye injuries were not wearing appropriate eye protection at the time of the injury.  In fact, more than 90 percent of eye injuries are preventable through the use of eye protection.
Each day, about 2,000 U.S. workers suffer an eye injury requiring medical treatment while at work. One- third of these injuries require treatment in a hospital emergency room.  About 5% or 100 injuries result one or more days of lost work.
Top causes of Missouri workplace eye injuries:
• Flying particles
• Contact with chemicals
• Contact with heat
• Contact with intense light
• Ultraviolet radiation
• Improper use of machinery
• Inadequate maintenance of machinery
• Not wearing eye protection
• Wearing the wrong kind of eye protection

To avoid workplace eye injury:
• Know when eye protection is needed.
• Always wear effective eye protection when working with chemicals or when doing tasks that produce flying particles.
• Wear a mask when welding.
• Goggles should be worn with face shields in order to provide maximum protection.  Face shield should not be worn without goggles.                                  
• Wear the appropriate type of eyewear for the job.
• Make sure eyewear is properly fitted and does not restrict vision                                        
• Make sure eyewear allows air to circulate between the eye and the lens                                   
• Make sure eyewear is properly maintained without scratches or damage that could impair vision

It is your employer’s responsibility to assess eye safety hazards in your workplace and to take proper precautions. OSHA regulations and ANSI standards require that your employer provide appropriate eyewear and train you in its importance and use. There should also be first aid equipment and, if caustic or hazardous substances are present, emergency eye wash stations or shower facilities. Lack of first aid eyewash or emergency shower facilities ranked fifth on OSHA’s list of 25 most-cited general industry violations in 2005. 
Eye injuries are very painful; they may cause temporary or permanent vision loss. Monetary compensation can’t make up for missing a child’s smile or the beauty of the first daffodil of spring.  However, if you have sustained a serious eye injury, monetary compensation can make your life easier. For this reason, it is a good idea to speak to a Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney about your injury.  You may be eligible for benefits that go beyond Missouri workers’ compensation.     

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