If you been injured in a workplace slip and fall accident, you are one of the more than a million persons who file a claim for an on the job slip and fall injury each year.  
About one-fifth of workplace injuries are the result of a slip, trip or fall.  Nearly one-third of these injuries (about 300,000) are disabling. Slip and falls accidents can result in head injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, fractures, pulled muscles, sprains, bruises and lacerations.  Workplace slip and falls are the leading cause of workplace death.  
There are simple precautions every employee can take to avoid becoming an accident victim:
• Wear the proper footwear for the job.

• Avoid clothing that drags or gets caught on your heels.
• Clean spills and post warning signs slippery on wet surfaces.
• Let employers know about uneven surfaces and other fall hazards.
• Avoid stringing cords or hoses across walkways, production areas, offices, hallways and conference rooms.  Use cord protectors and run hoses overhead to eliminate trip hazards.
• Make sure that fall protection devices are used when working more than six feet off the ground.  Make sure you understand how to use fall prevention equipment.
• When using ladders or stairs, use the handrail and take one step at a time.
• Make sure ladders are secure before climbing up. 
• Keep stairs clear of debris, equipment and other hazards. 
• Let the appropriate person know when light bulbs need to be changed.

Have You Been Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident?

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