Click here if you have not read "Kansas No Fault Insurance - The Basics - Part 1"  or here if you have not read part 2. This is the last article in this series and addresses additional frequently asked questions that often come up with Personal Injury Protection ("PIP") benefits provided under the Kansas Automobile Injury Reparations Act.


Q: I was injured while driving a motorcycle, and I was told that I am not covered by PIP. I thought PIP was mandatory in Kansas. Shouldn't I be entitled to PIP benefits?

Under the statute, PIP coverage is only mandatory on passenger cars and trucks. It is not required on motorcycles. If you want PIP coverage as a motorcycle driver, you must request it. Be sure to ask your agent about this coverage when choosing a policy.


Q: What if I am injured as a pedestrian?

If you are injured by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian, you will be entitled to receive benefits from your insurance provider if you had insurance coverage on your own car.


Q: Can the insurance company require me to go to a doctor of their choice?

Yes. This is known as an independent medical evaluation and the insurance company is permitted to request one. If you do not cooperate, the insurance company may not have to pay PIP benefits.


Q. If I do not file suit against the other driver, do I have to pay back PIP benefits?

If you do not file suit within 18 months, your insurance company may file suit on your behalf because it has the right to repayment. If the insurance company takes this action, you have the right to be notified and the insurance company must protect your rights. If the insurance company decides not to file suit against the negligent third party, they are giving up their right to be repaid. The insurance company may only seek reimbursement for PIP benefits paid if you recover from a negligent third party. If neither you nor your insurance company seeks compensation from the other driver, you do not have to pay back any PIP benefits you received.


Q: Do I need to tell my doctor that I have PIP benefits.

You should inform your doctor if you are entitled to PIP benefits so that he or she can send the bills directly to the insurance company.

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