"I heard about your firm through a relative that got good results with James so I called him when I needed representation. I called James the day after my accident and let him know what happened, had a meeting, which was very emotional because it was a very violent wreck that I was in and James was very understanding and listened to everything. You can tell he cares about people. He is very passionate about his job and helping people. He is very easy to talk to he listens to everything that happened and all of your concerns. I did not have any hesitation at all with hiring this firm,

James was very aggressive and when we had to go to mediation and he was very aggressive, very defensive of me. James was not going to back down; he wasn’t going to let me settle for anything less than what he thought it was worth. He made sure he knew everything about my case so I could tell he did his homework on my case and knew everything. You can definitely tell he knew what he was talking about.

I enjoyed working with this firm, the staff and the attorneys would return every phone call that I gave them, they would even recognized my voice when I called, always nice and polite and honest. They were very compassionate with the case and took time to listen. I’m very satisfied with my results in my case; they worked really hard on gathering all the information they needed. I trust this law firm 100%.  I have recommended him to other people and they were happy with the results with their cases.

I can tell that James is very passionate about what he does for a living; he cares about people and will work very hard to fight for what he thinks is right."

-- Pam B.

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