"I heard through another one of his clients that James Roswold would make a good attorney, and he suggested that I use him. I didn't really know too much about attorneys but he rated him so high that I thought why not?! I met with him and my instincts inside just said go with it. I wasn't leery of him at all, especially when I met him. I enjoyed working with him, and I wouldn't change a thing. Anytime I would call to try to get in touch with him to find out something about the case, and what to expect in my near future, I was always given a good answer, and he would tell me don't worry about it, everything's okay, and I just put my trust in him, just like I would my doctor. He's a fair attorney, and I just think he's a good, good attorney. He and his staff made it very easy. Everybody on his staff was wonderful. They were very nice on the phone and pleasant. I'm very pleased with my results. I'm very pleased with the outcome of everything. He's a good attorney. I love him, and if I had to use an attorney again, I would choose him."

-- Anita R.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.