My name is Kathy and three years ago I suffered a workman’s comp injury. I was out seeing patients and fell down some stairs and injured myself to the point of where I could not return to work. After multiple surgeries and multiple doctors’ visits I was still working with the insurance carrier of the employer that I worked with and they would never return my calls, they would never send us a check. They promised us week after week after week they were going to pay us, they were going to make doctor visits, and none of this happened and the only option I had was to get an attorney.

James said he could meet with me the very next day, we took that opportunity and we met with him. Diane, his paralegal and everybody else in his office was wonderful. They met us, they greeted us, they gave us stuff to drink, and they gave us time just to talk. By then we had no money coming in, we had no idea what to do, and James just said we will take care of it and we will take care of you, and from that day forward I never had another worry. My checks were given to me on time, we were able to pay our bills. When James said it would be done, it was done. When Diane told me she would call us back she called us back, and if she didn’t she e-mailed me.

There was never a time that I was ever concerned from that day forward whether we were going to make it through. As a family it was rough, we lost vehicles, we lost our house, but in the end we still got what we needed and that was only because of James and his staff. They were phenomenal to work with. I would recommend them to anybody and I consider them a distant part of my family. I hope that if you see this, you understand this is the best place to go if you have any type of injury.

They were down to earth. It was just a normal everyday office that looked like it functioned as a family and not just as a strict office, and that was the most attractive to us to begin with.

It was much different than I thought it would’ve been. It was very informal. We filled out forms, we sat and talked with James, we laughed, we went over things. It was very informal, but it was very comforting.

I had no hesitations from the moment that I signed the last document. James made it very comfortable and very easy to remain with his law firm and to not seek any reason to leave.

I worked directly on my own before contacting James. I was told to inform the insurance carrier, I informed them, they never ever got back to us on time. Everything we did with the insurance company was late. James and Diane took care of everything. We didn’t have to wait for payments, we didn’t have to call to remind them that we were needing a payment, everything came on time from the time that we signed our final paperwork with James.

It was an incredible experience working with an attorney. I have worked with attorneys in the past being a nurse and they are all very formal, very aloof, and James is very much down to earth, comforting, comfortable, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Their staff is impeccable. Lindsey was the first person I worked with and then Diane took over and Diane was, well she was the perfect person to work with there. She made sure that she followed through, every time she told you she would do something it was done, we never had to call a second time.

I was more than pleased. We received the results that we had figured we would receive in the beginning. We never knew that this was going to be anything more than an injury case and in the end we got everything that we were told we would get.

No matter what my concerns or needs were, I would call James for anything and everything that he was experienced in. Now I have worked with him for three years and I wouldn’t go anyplace else. He’s the only attorney I would contact for anything that we needed.

We had never received a payment on time before hiring James. We were always promised that the checks would be there, they would be there. It was the old “check’s in the mail,” but the check never came in the mail. Once I notified James that we were not getting checks regularly, two weeks later a check came every Tuesday without fail.

The process for working with James and Diane was just letting them do their job. They did their job and we never had to question, we never had to ask. Just let us know what we need to do for you, and it was done, we never had to question anything.

James is probably one of the most caring people, not just attorney but person, that I think I’ve ever met and I have worked with attorneys for years and I’ve never met an attorney that makes whatever he’s doing the most important thing and that is very comforting.

The firm cared probably more than even the employer from where the accident happened and they made sure that everything that we needed was met. He made sure everything happened just as he told me it would and he took care of things.

There were certain times that I had questions for James that I didn’t feel that we had covered enough so that I understood and he would bring it down into non-legalese and make it more so that I could understand what he was talking about, but there was never a time that I asked him a question that he didn’t have an answer for me.

James and his entire staff know what they are doing, and if you put yourself in and stay with them, they will take care of you the whole way through the process.

Negotiations were handled very professionally. There wasn’t a time that I ever thought that what he did was unprofessional. He handled the mediation, the attorneys, the Judges. He knew exactly what to do and what to say.

He was fun to work with. There was just never anything wrong with how he handled our case. We never had any issues. He made everything easy, he made it so that we made it through and got through a three-year ordeal and it was fun, it wasn’t hard. 

He’s probably one of the hardest working, down-to-earth attorneys I’ve ever met in my life, and he will do whatever it takes to get everything done, the way he promised he would.

James got us probably the only result possible that we were going to have. It was going to end up being a very long drawn out ordeal and after weeks of explaining what we were going to face, James got us exactly what we needed, and we would not have been able to do it without him.

Am satisfied with what James got us in the end. When we first started this, this is what he told us we would get, and we got exactly what he stated we would get.

I would recommend him to anybody. After working with him for three years we feel like we’re part of an extended family. He makes it easy to come and see him, he makes it easy to talk to him on the phone, and I would recommend him to anybody in my family and anywhere for any type of legal action that you need. He would be the only person that I would refer.

I think it’s probably the biggest statement I could make. I would trust him with my children’s life, so I would trust him with anything.

I would ask James questions and he would never have to say I’ll call you back, or let me look that up and I’ll call you back, or I will get back to you as soon as I get an answer. Whenever I called with a legal question he was able to give me the answer to that question either on the phone that moment or by email within the next twenty-four hours. He was very reliable and always had answers to our questions.

James returned my phone calls usually within a couple of hours, and if I e-mailed him it was always before the next day.

James has a wonderful staff. Diane and his associate Heather are the two that I’ve worked with the most and they care, they e-mail you, they’ll call you, they will call you back when you call them, and they made the process just as easy as James did.

Usually about once every two weeks I would get a call or I would get an e-mail from either James or Diane and they would just kind of let me know where we were in the case. I never worried though, I always knew that he was working for the best that he could do on our case and I never had to be concerned.

When we sat at McDonalds and talked about our case following an investigation of the accident site, it made him very down to earth, very knowledgeable, and just made us feel at ease. When we came in for the first consultation, he had told me what to expect, what was going to happen, the process, and how long it would take. He said it would take at least three years, and we were three days shy of three years. He was upfront and knowledgeable and helpful.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us. I couldn't have asked for any better service. We will always remember you and appreciate everything that you have done to take care of me and my family. You have gone above and beyond, and I want to make sure you know how much you are appreciated. You are like family. Thank you for all your hard work in getting this resolved. Saying thank you is not enough, but know, I will always be grateful and happy that I chose you to help with our case.

My deepest regards.
-- Kathy W.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.