When you were pregnant you spent hours walking around the baby stores choosing just the right equipment for your child. Now that your child is here, you spend hours following your child and making sure that your child stays safe and avoids injuries. You make sure that your infant doesn’t tip over in a bouncy seat, that your toddler doesn’t choke on food, and that your preschooler doesn’t tumble down the stairs.

You never expected that the very products that you choose to keep your child safe or entertained would be the ones that caused your child injury. Yet, every year children are hurt by such products.

Common Causes of Child Product Injuries 

Some of the common childhood injuries from products that often result in product recalls include:

Lead Paint 

Lead paint can be toxic and has been banned in the U.S. However, sometimes when toys or products are manufactured in other countries lead paint may be used.

Pinching Injuries 

Products that open and close can squeeze a child’s fingers or toys and result in serious injuries. Proper precautions are, therefore, important on children’s products.

Choking Hazards 

Choking hazards often occur when a product is too small for the recommended age of the child, or when part of a product breaks off from a larger product and gets stuck in a child’s throat.

Product manufacturers have a responsibility to test their products and to take reasonable steps to put safe products on the market. The failure to do so can result in significant injuries for your child. 

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Defective Product?

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