A medical device is any instrument or machine or piece of equipment that is used to diagnose or treat disease or injury. Medical devices include medical tests, surgical tools, hospital equipment, devices that accommodate disability, machines that deliver medication, implants such as pacemakers, and personal medical devices such as breathing tubes or syringes.
When a medical device is defective, it can pose a serious health risk and may even lead to a patient’s death. This is especially true when the medical device performs a life-sustaining function such as delivering insulin or regulating heartbeat.   
The personal injury attorneys at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys represent those who are injured by defective medical devices. We’ve compiled a partial list of medical devices known to cause serious injury. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury due to a defective medical device our product liability and medical malpractice attorneys can help you. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.
List of Defective Medical Devices (D-L)
Defective Hip Implants – Implants may prematurely fail causing inflammation and injury to bones and muscle.
DePuy ASR Artificial Hip Implant – The implant may fail prematurely requiring surgery.
Disetronic D-Tronplus Power Packs – Power pack may fail shutting down insulin pump with no warning.
Disetronic H-Tron Insulin Pump – Pump may fail leading to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.
Drug Coated Stents – Drug coated stents are associated with a higher risk of blood clotting than bare metal stents. Blood clotting may lead to heart attack and stroke.
Ethicon Endo-Surgery Gastric Bypass Stapler – Stapler may misfire causing staple line disruption, infection and other complications after gastric bypass surgery.
Fixodent – Zinc in denture cream may lead to severe neurological disabilities.
Genetic Breast Cancer Test – This test may provide false negative results.
Guidant Defibrillators – A faulty capacitor in these defibrillators may cause batteries to deplete sooner than expected.
Guidant Implantable Pacemakers  - Several models are affected. Failure modes may result in syncope and presyncope requiring hospitalization.
Guidant Multi-Link Vision Stent – Stents were recalled because they failed to stay in place and they failed in quality tests.
Guidant Pacemakers - Pulsar, Pulsar Max, Discovery, Meridian, Pulsar Max II, Discovery II, Virtus Plus II, Intelis II, and Contak TR pacemakers may fail leading to loss of consciousness, heart failure or death.
Hospitak Airway Adapters – Adapters may be blocked which can cause serious injury.

Integra NeuroSciences Gravity Compensating Accessory -  A manufacturing defect may cause inflammation of brain, spinal cord, or abdominal membranes.  The defect could  also lead to pressure on the wound created by implantation of the device, or failure of the shunt system.
Johnson & Johnson Cordis Catheters – Balloons do not deflate properly and may cause injury or death.

Johnson & Johnson Cypher Stent - Drug coated stents are increased with a higher risk of blood clotting than bare metal stents. Blood clotting may lead to heart attack and stroke.
LifePak 15 Monitor Defibrillator  - Device may short and turn itself on or off.
Lifesite Dialysis – Device is linked to serious injury and death. 

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Defective Medical Device?

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