Missouri seat belt law
In Missouri, the driver, all front seat passengers and all children under age 16 are required to wear seat belts when travelling in a motor vehicle.  The fine for not buckling up is only $10, so many people do not take the law seriously. Unfortunately, not buckling up could much more than $10.  It could cost one's life.
How do seat belts work?
The purpose of a seat belt is to secure the occupant in the vehicle seat in case of an accident. When a car crashes, the seat belt instantly tightens to hold the occupant firmly against the seat.  This helps the seat belt distribute the force of the impact which protects occupants from serious injuries; It also keeps the occupants from being ejected from the vehicle where they face danger from other vehicles on the road.
The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that seat belts save approximately 13,000 lives in the United States every year. According to the NHTSA, if every accident victim wore a seat belt, an additional 7,000 lives a year could be saved.
Can seat belts cause injury?
In rare occasions, seat belts have contributed to serious injury and even death.  But, safety experts agree that buckling up is the best way to survive an accident.  In fact, an unbuckled front seat car occupant is twice as likely to die as someone using a seat belt.
If you are injured in a car accident and you are not wearing a seat belt, the insurance companies may consider you partially or wholly to blame for your injuries.  You may have to fight to get compensation.
An experienced Lafayette County, MO auto accident lawyer will be to determine which of your injuries were caused by the lack of seat belt use and which were the other driver's fault.  He will fight to get you the fair compensation you deserve.

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