October 1, 2018

About four months ago, 15-year-old Ryan Branch was riding his bike when a car hit him from the side. Fortunately, Ryan did not suffer from any traumatic injuries. However, Ryan’s bike was totaled. Knowing how much he loves riding his bike, Ryan’s mother, Vicky, decided to nominate him for KCAIA’s Bikes for Kids contest for always being selfless and generous. “Ryan does his own work on his bike to keep it in rideable condition,” says Vicky, “He also takes his own time out of the day to work on neighborhood kids’ bikes whose parents can’t afford to, or just don’t do, and my son asks for nothing in return from the kids. I’ve never seen them happier when their bike is back in working condition and they are able to ride again…I just want my son to have a nice bike to enjoy riding rather than constantly fixing a used one over and over even though he doesn’t seem to mind because he knows our financial situation.” When asked how many bikes he has fixed, Ryan told KCAIA there are too many to count.

Saturday morning, KCAIA presenting Ryan with his brand-new mountain bike at Midwest Cyclery. Ryan was very appreciative and excited to have a good-looking bike that will last. This was KCAIA’s last Bikes for Kids giveaway of 2018. KCAIA successfully gave away ten bikes to deserving children around the Kansas City community this year. With the help of Midwest Cyclery, each winner also received a new lock and helmet. Although Bikes for Kids has been wrapped up for this year, the program will start back up again in summer of 2019!

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys' Bikes for Kids

The Bikes for Kids program provides one bicycle to a deserving child each week of summer. Bikes for Kids is asking parents, teachers, caregivers, and loved ones to recognize a child who has made a difference in the life of someone else by nominating them to receive a free bicycle from Midwest Cyclery, compliments of KCAIA. Midwest Cyclery will be donating a helmet and a lock to each winner. While there are no specific guidelines on what makes a nominee deserving of a new bike, we encourage nominators to think about any kind things that the child has done for others, or how the child has positively impacted his or her family, friends, community, or classroom. To nominate a child in your life, visit www.BikesforKidsKC.com.

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