Diagnoses of concussions may be similar. A person may be hurt in a car crash, slip and fall, sporting event, or another type of accident and experience head pain, dizziness, loss of consciousness or other symptoms of a concussion. However, what happens next may be unique to the individual suffering the concussion, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University and Montefiore Medical Center. Likewise, a recovery for a concussion injury is unique to the injured individual and worth contacting a Kansas City brain injury lawyer about.

New Data Shows that Concussion Victims May Have Unique Brain Abnormalities

 Researchers used a recently developed MRI technique, known as DTI or diffusion tensor imaging, and then analyzed the data with new software known as the EZ-MAP. The EZ-MAP allows researchers to look at microstructural abnormalities in an individual’s brain for the first time. The results of the study indicated that “unique spatial patterns of brain abnormalities that change over time” are found in patients with concussion injuries.

The potential impact of this research for individual patients is significant. Eventually, the new technology could help predict the long-term effects of a concussion on an individual patient and guide treatment.

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