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Are You Suffering Migraines After A Missouri Car Accident? Contact A Lee's Summit, MO Auto Accident Lawyer.

Are you experiencing migraines for the first time after a Missouri car accident?  You may have sustained a hidden injury.
Migraines are debilitating headaches that are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting ans extreme sensitivity to light and sound.  They may be preceded by warning symptoms such as tingling in the extremities, flashes of light, or blind spots.  Migraine victims are often unable to active enjoy their lives or even leave their beds.
It is not uncommon for a motor vehicle accident victim to develop migraines weeks, months or even years after a Missouri car accident.  However, determining the underlying cause of the migraines can be difficult.  While migraines are often due to injuries to the head or neck, the injuries may not be apparent on CT scans or MRI's.
During an accident, even a low speed accident, the brain is jolted within the skull.  It may move back and forth like a ping pong ball hitting the walls of the skull.  This can cause minor damage to the nervous system which, in time, may cause migraines.
Stress in the muscles of the head and neck can cause migraines.  The trauma of the accident may cause these muscles to clench or tighten.  If they do not relax, the victim may eventually suffer from migraine headaches.
Finally, untreated whiplash can also cause migraines.  The damage to the muscles of the head and neck or to the discs between the vertebrae will increase with time.  Eventually, migraines can result.
Because migraines may not occur until months or even years after an accident, our Lee's Summit, MO auto accident lawyers often advise clients to avoid closing their accident claims too soon.  Even if you have a hidden injury , the insurance company will reject a future claim. 
If you have been in a Missouri auto accident and are suffering debilitating migraines as a result, then contact Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys and ask to schedule a free consultation.  Our Lee's Summit, MO auto accident lawyers may be able to help you.
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