In our three part series, "Missouri Car Crash Injuries: Spinal Fractures," our Liberty, MO auto accident lawyers discuss the different types of spinal fractures and how these serious Missouri accident injuries can impact a car crash victim's life. Even the most treatable of spinal fractures require months to heal; in severe cases, spinal fractures can result in lifelong paralysis.

However, these injuries can be prevented. Research shows that when seat belt and airbags are used in combination, the risk of spine fracture in a Missouri traffic accident is reduced.

In February 2009, a research report was published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine. The authors of the study, a team led by Marjorie Wang, MD, from the Medical College of Wisconsin, analyzed data from 20,000 car and truck accidents. They looked at the records involving car accident victims age 16 or older who were admitted to hospitals after their accident. They found that when both a seat belt and air bag were used, victims were less likely to suffer a severe spinal fracture. When seat belts and air bags were used alone, there was no reduction in the risk for spinal fracture.

However, only 14% of the drivers and front-seat occupants in the study were protected by both seat belts and air bags.

The authors of the study stress that, while you may not be able to prevent all car accidents, you can take steps to reduce your risk of injury. Making sure that you wear your seat belt and that your car has operational air bags may save your life or prevent a debilitating injury.

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