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What You Can Do After an Independence Motorcycle Crash Costs You Your Leg

People who have suffered motorcycle accident leg amputations have different needs after surgery. Yet, there is one almost universal truth. Life will be different after a leg amputation than it was prior to the motorcycle crash that led to the amputation surgery. If you have lost a leg in an Independence motorcycle accident then you are likely learning just how different your life will be now and in the future. As you rightfully mourn what you have lost, it can be difficult to adjust to the changes in your life.

Fight for the Resources to Live Your Life on Your Terms

If your motorcycle wreck was caused by someone else’s negligence then it is important to fight for your fair and just recovery of past and future:

  • Medical expenses. You have already incurred significant medical expenses and may continue to do so in the future.
  • Rehabilitation costs. You may need ongoing physical therapy or other rehabilitation services.
  • Lost income. You may be unable to work, unable to work as many hours, or unable to earn the same income that you once did.
  • Out-of-pocket costs. You may need to hire help for childcare, house cleaning, driving, running errands, and other common things that you once did without thinking twice.
  • Physical pain. The loss of a leg is painful and you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Emotional suffering. The loss of a limb can be traumatic and the law may allow you to recover for your suffering.

These types of damages can give you the resources that you need to live the rest of your life on your own terms and adjust to your new reality.

Let an Independence Bike Crash Lawyer Help You During This Difficult Time

 Our attorneys know that your life has been forever changed. As you struggle with the physical, emotional, and financial aspects of an amputated leg, we encourage you to contact our Independence motorcycle accident attorneys for help. We can be reached via this website or at (816) 471-5111 or (888) 348-2616. We also encourage you to find out more about your rights by downloading a free copy of our book, Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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