While car accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries, brain injuries are one of the most feared. There many different types of brain injuries, and the complications associated with each can often be devastating for victims and their families. Open head injuries, also known as penetrating brain injuries, may have a particularly poor prognosis.

5 Facts About the Long Term Prognosis for Open Head Injury Victims

When pursuing a claim for compensation after a car accident, the prognosis for a victim’s open head injury is important. If the prognosis is poor, this may call for a higher amount of damages. The following are five important tips about the prognosis for this type of injury:

  • Higher velocity injuries typically have the worst prognosis due to the increased damage that usually occurs. In a car accident, many different objects can become fast-moving projectiles that may penetrate the skull.
  • Injuries where the object penetrating the skull exits from another location are known as perforating open head injuries. These injuries have a worse prognosis than those where the object does not exit.
  • Long term, car accident victims suffering from penetrating brain injuries may suffer from impairment or loss of the abilities that are controlled by the parts of the brain that were damaged. For example, a person with a perforating injury to the frontal lobe may experience personality changes.
  • People with open head injuries accompanied by subarachnoid hemorrhage, blown pupils, respiratory distress, hypotension, or cerebral vasospasm have a higher chance of a poor long-term prognosis.
  • Penetrating brain injuries may have such long-term complications as acute respiratory distress syndrome, disseminated intravascular coagulation, neurogenic pulmonary edema, and late onset post-traumatic epilepsy.

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