We were leaving Riverside, Missouri and we were stopped at a stop sign. The blinker on to turn left and we were waiting on a car when BOOM... somebody hit us from behind. It kind of shook us up a bit. There wasn’t a whole lot of damage to the vehicle but we were experiencing some pain and we went ahead and went to the hospital.

We weren’t even going to try and attempt to work with the insurance company on our own. We didn’t know if we were going to need to have follow up (doctor visits) or not and being in an accident, you want to be careful because the other insurance, they’re not looking out for you, they’re looking out for themselves. That’s why we wanted to hire an attorney and we do really feel like David and James were on our side and looking out for our best interests.  That was our whole main objective of finding and hiring an attorney to help us handle the situation. We felt better about the situation knowing that they were there to help us.

Working with David has been awesome. It has been a really pleasant experience. He’s a really nice guy and not only does he answer your question, he thoroughly answers your question and we appreciate that.  He seems very talented. We feel that David did work hard for us. He would call us and say, “oh I talked to the insurance company. This is where we’re at. I’m going to call again. Do I have your permission?” Anytime we wanted to call and get ahold of him, he’d call me right back and answered what I had asked. No run-around. No having to wait a day or two for a phone call back. For the last month or two, we’ve had pretty regular communication with him.

James is a really nice guy. Working with James was a good experience. We feel like he did care (about us and our case). He always answered our questions and let us know that they were going to do the best they could for us and help us out the most they could. He’s very compassionate. It’s like he’s a friend of the family.

They both seem like they’re very strong attorneys. David and James communicated a lot and worked hand in hand. They told us what they needed from us and we didn’t really have to do much. They dealt with the hospital bills and the insurance company. They seemed to really work together great. We would recommend both of them to others.

We were very pleased with our results because we’re not out any money and we have enough money that we need to pay off the bills which is what our objective. They met and exceeded (our expectations). Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys is a really nice, easy-going, friendly law firm to work with. We enjoyed the experience and we’re glad now that we did hire David and James. We don’t think we could have found better attorneys to hire for the case. We’re really pleased with the outcome.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.