Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are everywhere. Roads and highways are being built and repaired, old buildings are being torn down to make way for new building construction. Generally, these sites are viewed positively - a sign of economic growth and prosperity. There is a dark side, however, as many of these sites are unsafe for their own workers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction sites accounted for 969 workplace fatalities in 2008, more than any other industry. What makes a construction site so dangerous? Most construction sites are hectic places to work. Workers are required to perform their jobs in a limited space, with heavy equipment and often with dangerous materials. Add to this, the fact that most construction sites are subjected to the prevailing weather conditions. In the case of road construction, workers are within mere feet of cars moving along roadways, sometimes at high rates of speed.

Common Accidents

There are several types of accidents that regularly occur in the construction industry.

  • Falls, slips and trips - workers falling from buildings, scaffoldings and roofs. These types of injuries are often broken bones, head injuries, back problems and even death.
  • Lifting or handling injuries - lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying. Back and neck injuries are the most common here, but also can include injuries to the hands, feet and even heart.
  • Traffic accidents - any accident involving a motorized vehicle such as a car, truck, crane, forklift or heavy equipment.
  • Electrical accidents
  • Falling objects - workers being hit by objects falling from the sites such as scaffoldings, tools, building materials, etc.

Contractor Responsibility

Every company has a responsibility to protect its workers. Construction companies have regulations to assist them in training, but safety costs money. ABC News reported that, "The rise in construction fatalities can be explained by a deadly mix of untrained immigrant workers, lax attention to safety regulations and profit-minded contractors who cut corners in all areas from labor to materials." Unfortunately, the penalties for not following the regulations are minimal, frequently a fine to the contractor, or perhaps some jail time in the case of a workplace fatality.

Another dilemma faced by laborers is that if they point out problems on the worksite or refuse to do work that is too dangerous, the worker may be fired. There are plenty of people with the same skill set, ready to step in and take their place.

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