Insurance Companies Drag Their Feet To Delay or Avoid Legitimate Claims

Although there are other articles on our site concerning insurance company delay tactics, a recent article by fellow personal injury lawyer Ben Glass concerning increasingly aggressive anti-consumer insurance company stalling tactics is particularly insightful and consistent with some of our observations over the past year here in Missouri and Kansas and therefore worthy of additional comment: 

Those in the know have always understood that insurance companies wear two faces. Their insurance agents by which they sell insurance and earn a profit, and their insurance adjusters through which they minimize and destroy claims. As long as there have been insured accident injuries, insurance companies employed a host of sophisticated tactics to minimize and destroy claims in an effort to increase their profits.

Recently, it has been our shared experience that insurance companies are increasingly using more sophisticated tactics in an effort to increase their profits and keep more of their money. Due to the current economy, insurance companies are using increasingly aggressive claims tactics that can result in severe harm to consumers. According to a recent report by the American Association for Justice , entitled “Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse,” and consistent with our experience and the experience of our brethren, the insurance industry is employing multiple efforts in their attempt to profit at the expense of their consumers. Here are some of the more aggressive tactics currently being employed by the insurance companies, as identified in their report:

Denying Claims 

Large, well established insurance companies, including Allstate, AIG, and State Farm, are denying legitimate claims for the purpose of increasing profits. Insurance companies are rewarding employees for denying claims.

Delaying Claims Until Elderly Injury Victims Die 

Insurance companies are delaying the claims of the elderly until these injury victims die, often managing to avoid their claims all together.

Confusing The Consumer 

Have you ever read your insurance policy? Insurance companies are writing insurance contracts that the typical consumer finds difficult if not impossible to understand. 

Discriminating Against Consumers By Using Their Credit Score 

Insurance companies are using low credit scores to increase premiums and deny insurance. In the current economy, many consumers with once good credit have damaged scores and are being charged more for insurance or being denied insurance all together.

Abandoning Sick Consumers 

Sick people, who are some of the most vulnerable consumers and most in need of medical insurance, are being targeted by insurance companies. Insurance companies are rewarding employees for cancelling people’s insurance.

Canceling Insurance For Consumers Who Have Inquired About A Potential Claim 

Some insurance companies treat a consumer telephone inquiry about a possible claim in the same manner as an actual claim and come renewal time refuse to renew the consumer based upon that phone call.

If you believe that you or a loved one is being harmed by aggressive insurance company tactics, you can find answers to some of your most important and immediate questions right here on this website. For more information, you should also download our FREE book, “10 Essential Steps You Must Take To Protect Your Injury Claim, How You Can Escape The Personal Injury Trap, The Ultimate Guide To Accident Cases In Missouri and Kansas.” 

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