Pressure Sores are Silent Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse and neglect in nursing homes is a serious concern.  When you are looking to place loved ones into the care of strangers it is important to make sure there are no records of malnutrition, sexual or physical abuse.  But there are other forms of neglect and abuse such as pressure sores that often times go unnoticed and can be just as harmful.
What is a pressure sore?

A pressure sore is a sore area of skin that develops when the blood supply is cut off for more than two hours due to pressure and lack of movement.  In nursing homes, pressure usually comes from an external surface such as a mattress, a chair or a wheelchair. 

Pressure sores start off as a red and inflamed painful area that will turn purple over time.  Left untreated, a pressure sore can break open and become seriously infected and gangrenous and even grow deeper affecting the underlying muscle. Once developed, a pressure sore is slow to heal and can require serious care, even extended hospital stays.

As you can see, an elderly person who is unable to move himself or herself is very susceptible to pressure sores, and might be suffering without a way to communicate his or her pain. If a nursing home does not have a care plan for a patient's skin breakdown then preventable pressure sores are likely to develop. 

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