Multiple injuries can occur during car and truck accidents. One of the less common but more formidable of those injuries is known as a Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior tear (SLAP tear). A SLAP tear can be described as an injury that occurs within a shoulder joint to a component known as the labrum. This joint in the shoulder is similar to the hip joint in that it contains a similar ball/socket structure. The labrum is a cartilage that exists within the joint that is unstable due to its shallow socket structure.

How does one know whether or not he or she has a SLAP Tear?
“Typical symptoms of a SLAP tear include a catching sensation and pain with shoulder movements, most often overhead activities such as throwing. Patients usually complain of pain deep within the shoulder or in the back of the shoulder joint. It is often hard to pinpoint symptoms, unless the biceps tendon is also involved. In cases of SLAP tears with associated biceps tendonitis, patients may complain of pain over the front of the shoulder.”

How do SLAP tears occur during automobile accidents?
When an automobile accident occurs, some part of the human body must absorb some form of impact from the collision. If a driver becomes aware that they are about to be in an accident, one possible reaction may be to tense up and grasp the steering wheel tightly. This reaction takes the shoulder out of its normally relaxed state and forces it to absorb a large portion of the impact. This scenario may lead to an occurrence of a SLAP tear.

What are some common treatments for SLAP tears?
The primary treatments for SLAP tears are physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and cortisone injections. If those measures are not enough to treat the SLAP tear and pain persists, three procedures are possible forms of treatment:
  • SLAP Tear Repair
  • Debridement of the SLAP Tear
  • Bicep Tenodesis

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