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Daycare Injuries: Is Your Child A Victim?

Child injuries in daycare

When you leave your child with a daycare provider you have the right to expect your child is safe and being carefully supervised.  When a child is injured at daycare and it could have been prevented you have a right to hold the daycare accountable.  Injuries have become one of the leading health issues for children today, surpassing the risk of infectious disease.  Children over age one have a greater risk of being injured than a child under age one and children under the age of five are more likely to suffer serious injury from falling than any other type of accident while at day care.  

It is reasonable to expect that accidents will occur with children for many reasons, however one leading cause of accidents in daycare is lack of supervision.  It is important for daycare centers to take preventative measures and decrease the risk of injury to children.  A child’s behavior and characteristics may increase their risk for injury.  A child who is particularly active or unruly is more likely to be at risk for injury than a calm and passive child, especially if the day care provider does not accommodate supervision accordingly to meet the needs of a difficult child.  In order to decrease the risk of injury to a child in daycare, it is imperative to keep children in eyesight at all times.  As a daycare provider, it may be necessary to make appropriate accommodations when necessary to meet this expectation, no matter how careful and qualified the provider may be.  Safety precautions in the daycare setting also decrease the risk for injury to a child, but the risk for child injuries is reduced substantially by direct supervision.    

Appropriate response and anticipation of risk are imperative to prevent injuries to children in a daycare.  Although there are mandatory laws and safety requirements for daycare centers to operate, it does not ensure that a daycare center commonly practices or adheres to them.  

A two-month national study of daycare safety in 1990 showed that out of 138,404 children attending daycare, 556 children sustained injuries serious enough to require medical attention.  The study showed that 51% of the injuries occurred on a playground with 18% stemming from climbing equipment. The most prevalent injuries being cuts and lacerations at 31%, bumps or bruises comprised 15% of the injuries, 8% were dental injuries, and 10% for fractures with 53% of the fractures and concussions were attributable to falls from climbing equipment.    

If your child or a child you know has been seriously injured due to a daycare provider, protect his or her well being first and then the child's rights. The experienced attorneys at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys bring decades of experience successfully fighting for children in cases resulting in significant settlements and verdicts. Let us handle all of the details while you concentrate on what is most important – your recovery.

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