Caput Succedaneum

Caput Succedaneum of “Caput” is a swelling of the scalp in newborns that typically occurs from vaginal pressure during head-first deliveries.  According to, the symptoms of a Caput Succedaneum are as follows,
  • Soft, puffy swelling of part of the scalp in a newborn infant
  • Swelling may or may not have some degree of discoloration or bruising
  • Swelling may extend over the midline of the scalp
  • Most often seen on the portion of the head which presented first
  • May be associated with increased molding of the head
Typically detection of a Caput Succedaneum is done by a physical examination and there are no prescribed treatments as the condition is likely to heal on its own. The only significant complication to Caput is jaundice which is a condition that results from a high level of bilirubin in the blood. While Jaundice typically goes away quickly if treated effectively, but if it is left unattended it could lead to brain damage and could lead to such complications as cerebral palsy or deafness among others.

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