I heard about Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys from the Yellow Pages. The ad looked really professional so that attracted me to call the firm. My first meeting, I was giving James my information and he let me know how (the process) worked.

The staff is very good. The secretary was very professional and nice. I liked that. I enjoyed working with James and the staff. It was very easy, cool and calm. I didn’t have to do too much of anything . They did all the work for me. The only thing I had to do was take pictures of the car. The staff always called me back on time. If they didn’t call me that day, they’d call me back first thing the next morning. I liked that. They kept up with when I called.

I think James is legally talented. That’s what made me call. I think he’s been a lawyer for so long so I think he knows what he’s doing. He was aggressive enough for me. (I could tell James worked hard for me) by making the offer more than it was and more than they were trying to give me. Not too many people with cases like mine would get the amount we settled for. He kept demanding every couple of weeks, we’d go higher and higher and then we settled. My satisfaction is A+.

I trust James. I trust him to do right. When he said he’s going to do something that’s what he did. He didn’t hesitate at all when he was telling me about the judgement. He came straight out with it and that showed me he was honest. It was great working with Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys. I already recommended James to a lot of people.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.