"I googled and from there I narrowed you guys down from a list of other attorneys.

It was very comfortable and encouraging in the fact that I felt like I did not have to worry about my situation. That he was going to guide me and help me with all the details. I'm very happy that I contacted you and that you represented me, that James represented me. I had enough experiences with them (the insurance company) not paying bills and so forth and I knew they were going to become more difficult as time went on. It was one-on-one and it was a very comfortable satisfying experience. He asked all the right questions, he made sure that I was first and foremost satisfied with the progress that was happening and I was very happy.

The staff was incredible; the staff I felt like was like family. I've called and talked to you, and talked to Heather, talked to everybody, talked to Diane, everybody was just really very friendly, very helpful.

I am pleased with my results, I'm glad that we came to a happy resolution and I am very happy that we were able to get past this. With James nothing is left unturned, with James there are no details that are forgotten, that are left unexplored. He takes care of the client he took care of me. He is using the full scope of all remedies for situations. You are in good hands with James I believe. Everything was handled very well. It was very easy from the scheduling to the mail outs to the signing of documents everything was very well organized I was notified for all appointments all scheduled appointments and it was very smooth. I was very happy.

I was surprised that he was so aware of all the details. James told me that he would stay up at night and read over the case files to be prepared for the next day’s proceedings. I was very surprised and also very happy that he was doing that. Yes, he surprised me because he was so personable but when it came time to meet with the other party he became a different person and was very aggressive and I was very happy to see that. He was very, very good, very well informed, very educated and a smart attorney. James had a wide range of knowledge on all aspects of my case. I was surprised by all the details that he would bring up that I had never thought about. He actually knew the history of my case; he researched the history of my case he knew the workings of all parties and how they were dealing with the settlement. He was able to negotiate and direct the results with my interest in mind. It was pretty cool.

I enjoyed working with him a lot. He is a very personable person, he is a very smart person, he is a very warm person, and he is a human I could talk to him and know that we could communicate on one level and he could be a top notch attorney on his level, that was comforting.

I like the way James works I like his attention to detail and I like his focus and his ability to see the whole picture. I was full of trust in what he was doing. He was very honest with me he was brutally honest about the negatives that he wanted me to stay informed, and with that in mind he was also brutally positive about the good side of our results.

I have never been in an office before that took care of me like your office did. One morning we were going for depositions and one morning of meetings I showed up at the office and his partner, everybody jumped in, as one team and I had never seen anybody get together like this, everybody in the office, everybody was helping me get ready for this one meeting. I was really, really surprised, not even my friends will not work with each other as well as you guys work with each other.

I am very, very happy and I don't believe anybody would ever be disappointed in the level of expertise and the results that we got using James and your office."

-- Randy H.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.