2010 was a dangerous year for American workers – nearly 5,000 employees died on-the-job last year. According to The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) most of these workplace deaths could have been prevented. COSH has released its list of the top 10 worst industrial and corporate disasters of 2010. 
The top 10 deadliest workplace disasters of 2010:
• April 20, 2010:
The Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 workers. Government reports blame the accident on mismanagement and employer negligence.
• April 5, 2010: The Upper Big Branch Mine explosion in West Virginia killed 29 workers. It was the worst mining disaster in the US since 1970.  Massey Energy has a long record of safety violations at the mine.
• February 7, 2010: An explosion at the Kleen Energy Power Plant in Connecticut killed six workers and injured more than 30 others. Workers were performing a “gas blow” procedure to clean debris from pipes.  The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has called this procedure an “inherently unsafe practice” and called for the immediate ban.
• April 2, 2010: An explosion at the Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company in Washington killed seven people. The explosion was caused by a ruptured heat exchanger and could have been prevented if the company had carried out proper testing and maintenance of the equipment.
• December 9, 2010:  Two brothers were killed at the AL Solutions plant in West Virginia by an explosion of undetermined origin.  A third worker was injured. The plant had a reputation as “a dangerous place to work.”
• March 2, 2010:  A fire ignited on new storage tank at Northwest Insulation in New Mexico. Two workers fell off the tank and suffered serious injuries.  A third died from burn injuries. Another worker died a week later. The accident is still under investigation.
• May 5, 2010:  An explosion at Amtec Corporation in Alabama killed two workers. Federal investigators cited the rocket fuel plant’s owners for six serious safety violations and for willfully exposing workers to fire and explosive hazards without proper protection.
• June 12, 2010: Two employees died of carbon monoxide poisoning at Top-Notch Cleaners LLC in Valley, Alabama.  They were using propane-powered floor buffers. The deaths are blamed on inadequate ventilation.
• July 22, 2010:  An explosion at Horseshoe Corporation’s zinc refinery in Monaca, Pennsylvania killed two workers and injured two others. The refinery had a long history of safety violations and OSHA citations.
• July 23, 2010: Two welders at Northeast Energy Management Inc. in Pennsylvania suffered fatal burn injuries when the tank that they were working on exploded. This was the third fire/explosion for the company since September 2007.

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