"When I called I felt really comfortable over the phone and decided to come in and kind of check James Roswold out, see how he might handle the case. Just the way he spoke, he spoke very professionally and I thought he was very honest with me. I was very comfortable. He was very professional. When you lose a loved one you want somebody who is going to be very caring and he was. Everyone was wonderful. Everybody was very courteous and very nice, you know they made sure you were very comfortable and if you needed anything. They will make sure everything is in place. Just wonderful caring people.

I went to another firm before him and I was told I didn't have a case that it wasn't worth it. Some attorneys are strictly business and say things that might hurt your feelings, like I said they don't care if they hurt your feelings. The attorney before Mr. Roswold it was like telling me it wasn't worth it. It was very hurtful.

I like the caring part because you have lost a loved one. I highly recommend the firm to anyone. I was kind of hesitant. I thought, you know, maybe it might not be a case. But he looked over all the evidence and said there was a really good chance. He was very quick on things and never left you hanging. We were really pleased with the outcome.

I had health issues myself. He made sure I was comfortable and if there was anything I needed just wonderful.

In cases like this you have to be aggressive in working with insurance companies and trying to get something done. You can't wait around till the last minute. You have to be on top of things. James Roswold was very much that. He seemed very sure that he could win the case and it's, I mean that just proved that he is very talented and he's got a ... I don't know what the word is...he seems sure about himself.

Considering everything with the case I will definitely recommend him to others. I trusted him that he would do the best job and he did.

He explained everything and definitely the good and the bad and the possibilities. If we went this way or the other way and if we went to trial what could happen. He explained everything in detail and made sure I understood it before I left the office. I have actually recommended him to a friend of ours for another nursing home malpractice case.

He was very nice. He is a family man, very caring, that makes a lot of difference. When you lose a family member and you are already hurting you want somebody to feel for you and be caring and be ok and be upfront. They are just a wonderful firm. I highly recommend them."

-- Laura R.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.