For most people, the phrase “brain injury” triggers thoughts of either a mild concussion or a severe injury involving coma or even death. What people often do not realize is that many people fall under a different category of traumatic brain injuries. A victim with a Glasgow Coma scale score ranging between 9 and 12 is generally considered to have suffered a “moderate” traumatic brain injury. While almost any type of significant impact could cause a brain injury, we see that car accidents are the most common cause amongst the injured victims we work with.

3 Traits of a Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury

When a car accident occurs, drivers or passengers can experience a violent shaking of the head or a non-penetrating blow to the head. In either case, these victims may end up with a moderate traumatic brain injury. Moderate traumatic brain injuries typically have the following characteristics:

  1. Loss of consciousness that lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours in duration.
  2. The victim experiences confusion that can last a few days to many weeks, depending on the degree of the injury and extent of the damage suffered.
  3. The physical, cognitive, and behavioral impairments caused by the moderate traumatic brain injury last for months, if not forever.

The good news, however, for people suffering from moderate traumatic brain injuries after a car crash is that many victims go on to make a good recovery after receiving treatment. If a full recovery cannot be accomplished, many victims are able to compensate for their deficits adequately enough to continue with daily life.

Just because a victim is able to recover from a brain injury does not mean that significant suffering is not involved along the way. This makes it especially important for victims to protect their legal rights after a car accident. 

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