Most of the time, a ride on a motorcycle is a pleasant experience that ends with the driver and his or her passengers arriving safely at their destination. Unfortunately, however, there are times when the trip is not as pleasant and an accident occurs. Collisions involving motorcycles often leave drivers and their passengers at serious risk of injury; one all-to-common injury is a broken pelvis or hip. The pelvis protects the delicate organs of the lower abdomen and connects the lower spine to the upper leg bones. The “ball and socket” joint where the femur connects to the pelvis is the known as the hip. Since the pelvis and hip are important for balance and impacts the ability to walk and run, and for general mobility, a fracture can cause significant harm to a victim.

3 Reasons Why Motorcycle Crashes Often Lead to a Broken Pelvis or Hip

The pelvic cavity is a large, bony area. If this area suffers a major impact, a break can occur. Here are three reasons why motorcycle accidents often result in a broken pelvis or hip:

  • In certain types of collisions, the motor vehicle colliding with the motorcycle can actually make direct contact with the hip region of the motorcyclist. This often occurs in broadside collisions happening in and around intersections. As a result of the direct contact, a break may occur.
  • In many types of motorcycle accidents, the rider may be ejected from the bike. When this happens, he or she strikes the hard asphalt, concrete pavement, or sidewalk. If the impact occurs in or around the pelvic area, a hip fracture can occur.
  • Unlike motorists traveling in a car or truck, motorcyclists have very little protection around the hip area. Even if a biker is wearing a helmet, leather gloves, chaps, jackets, skid pads, or other common types of protective gear, very little protection is afforded to the hip region. This puts the area at a higher risk of blunt force trauma that can lead to a break.

Since the pelvis is such an important part of the human body, a fracture can make it difficult to return to work. The victim may also face steep medical bills and ongoing rehabilitation costs. 

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