Motorized scooters have become the answer to rising fuel costs for commuters the world over.  In some international locales the scooter is on par with the number of automobiles on the road.  With the number of scooter riders on the rides, how do the scooters compare to motorcycles in terms of safety?  Are scooter crashes more common than motorcycle crashes?  How safe are these small vehicles? 

Just like their big brother motorcycles, scooters are dangerous in unique ways.  There is no cockpit to protect the rider in the event of an accident.  Motorcycle crash statistics lend to an overview of scooter safety statistics.  According to Consumer Reports, motorcycle riders are an estimated 37 times more likely to die in an accident for each mile driven than a person in a passenger vehicle, and scooters tend to be more dangerous than motorcycles.

That said, motorized scooters can be a safe and efficient alternative to larger vehicles.  Safety is the in the rider’s hands to a large degree.  Safety equipment and proper handling are ways scooter riders can increase their chances of arriving safe and sound.

Although many states set a minimum engine size before helmets are required, scooter riders might consider wearing Department of Transportation approved helmets each time they ride a scooter to minimize their risk of traumatic brain injury in the event of a crash. 

Scooters have some advantages over motorcycles.  For one, the lighter models are generally easier to maneuver.  Scooters are much easier to mount and dismount.  Most scooter riders will find the mechanics of riding a scooter much easier, as scooters do not require the manual shifting motorcycles require.

Unlike motorcycles, scooters are not made to be ridden around high traffic areas.  A scooter is best suited to smaller, less congested roadways.  Scooters lack the power that motorcycles have to get up and go and keep up with larger vehicles on the road.  Protective gear and formal instruction are musts for new riders.  

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