"I dislocated my ankle in Kansas City car wreck. I know that this isn't a serious injury like a broken back or brain injury, but I have a lot of medical bills. Can I still get insurance compensation?"

Our Kansas City car crash lawyers get many questions from people who worry that their injuries are not serious enough for them to qualify for insurance compensation. However, many of these injuries, including dislocated ankles, are more serious then they sound.

A dislocated ankle occurs when the force of a Missouri car accident causes the ankle bone (talus) to be displaced from its normal location under the leg bones (tibia and fibula). On the surface, a dislocation looks a lot like a fracture. There is pain and swelling in the ankle. The ankle may appear red or bruised and it may be misshapen. It will be very painful to put any weight on the ankle. If you suspect that your ankle is fractured or dislocated, see a physician immediately. Waiting too long for treatment may cause permanent damage.

In the emergency room, the doctor will request an x-ray of the ankle in order to determine what type of injury you have. He may also order an MRI in order to rule out damage to the surrounding tissue.

The doctor will then move your ankle into its correct position. The procedure is known as reduction. It is quite painful, but it should bring immediate relief. You may be given a muscle relaxer and painkillers during the procedure.

After reduction, the ankle will be placed in an elastic bandage. The bandage will provide support as the ankle heals. You will be told to keep your leg elevated and ice the injury. You may be given medication for pain and told to follow up with an orthopedist. It is very important that you go to the follow-up appointment.

The orthopedist may put your ankle in a cast. However, if the doctor cannot manipulate the bones into their proper position or if there is extensive damage to the nerves or muscles surrounding the ankle, you could require surgery.

Once you have sustained a dislocated ankle, you are at risk of future dislocations of the joint. You may need to take precautions when running or engaging in sports.

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