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Answering the Call When a Loved One’s Hurt in an I-635 Truck Crash

The phone call may go something like this:

Hello, Mrs. Jones. Your husband has been seriously injured in an truck wreck on I-635 in Overland Park. He has been taken to Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Please come quickly.

Your first reaction may be to panic. It is understandable and natural that you are frightened. You know how traffic moves on the Harry Darby Memorial Highway, but you don’t know how bad the accident was, or how significantly your loved one has been injured.

Here Are Specific Steps You Can Take After You Hang Up the Phone

We won’t be so presumptuous as to tell you not to worry, because we would worry if we received a similar call. We know that it can be difficult to think clearly in this type of situation, so we encourage you to take the following steps:

  • Call a friend or relative – Let someone else know what is going on.
  • Make arrangements for any children or dependents in your care – Make sure that your kids, or older relatives, will be safe so that you can concentrate on your spouse’s accident injuries.
  • Get to the hospital – However, please do not drive if you cannot do so safely. Instead, call a cab or ask a friend or relative for a ride.
  • Talk to your loved one’s doctors – It is important to understand any diagnoses, treatment plans, or follow up care that your loved one needs.
  • Comfort your loved one – He has been through a traumatic event.

Finally, put off until tomorrow what does not need to be done today. Take a breath. Sit by your loved one’s bedside and gather your thoughts.

Get Help When You Are Ready

Sometimes it takes a long time to recover from truck accident injuries. As you begin to map out the path to your loved one’s physical recovery it is important that you remember to protect his legal and financial recoveries. 

Have you been injured in a truck accident? If so you should speak with an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Contact us online or call us directly at 816.471.5111 for your free consultation today.

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