A traumatic brain injury could happen to anyone when the force of an Odessa car accident impact causes the brain to crash against the skull or the head to crash against the steering wheel or other part of the vehicle. It is an injury that could be suffered by a driver or passenger of any age. However, the impact of the injury is unique and is dependent on many factors related to both the acute brain injury and the individual who suffers from it. 

Age Is an Important Factor for Car Accident Brain Injury Victims

Recent studies suggest that age may be an important factor in the recovery of brain injury victims. Specifically, the studies found that outcomes may be improved for older adults, over the age of 55, who suffer brain injuries in car accidents. According to the studies:

  1. There is a higher death rate within the first five years of suffering a traumatic brain injury for people over the age of 55 than for younger brain injury victims. Studies suggest that victims over the age of 55 could benefit from an ongoing disease management model of primary care.
  2. On average, older brain injury victims spend less time in acute hospital settings and receive fewer hours of rehabilitation treatment than younger brain injury victims.
  3. Previous brain injuries should be taken into account when a dementia diagnosis is made because it could make a difference in the way the symptoms are suffered by the brain injury victim.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury and are over the age of 55, then it is important to know about these studies and to take the actions that you need to take to protect your physical and financial recovery.

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