You are careful of trucks as you drive on I-70. You are aware of the risks of a large truck accident on the highway so you keep a safe distance between your vehicle and their behomeths. However, that may not be possible to do on local roads. Given the congestion of city roads and the narrow lanes of suburban or rural roads, you may simply beDangerous Truck Crash Intersections unable to avoid traveling close to large trucks. While proximity may be unavoidable, it is important to remember that trucks can cause serious accidents even off of the highway. Intersections, for example, can be a dangerous place for accidents.

Why Trucks May Cause Intersection Accidents            

Large trucks such as tractor-trailers or big rigs face difficulties as they try to navigate the intersections of side roads and city streets. Specifically, tractor-trailers may cause accidents because their drivers may:

Have difficulty stopping.

This can be a problem when a traffic light changes or when a car in front of a truck, or in the intersection, stops unexpectedly. Eighteen-wheelers have longer stop times than cars or smaller vehicles. Thus, they may not have the time and space  required to avoid a collision.

Have difficulty seeing.

While truckers sit in truck cabs that are higher than the average vehicle, the size of their vehicles can create blind spots and limit how well they see some vehicles.

Of course, truck drivers can also cause Odessa intersection accidents for the same reasons as other drivers, including distracted driving, driving while drowsy, drunk driving, and other forms of negligence.

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