OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, outlines the rights of workers under their laws and guidelines.  Kansas City workers should know what they can and should expect from their employers.
OSHA oversees the working conditions of many workers nationally.  Some agriculture workers and public employees and self-employed workers are not covered by OSHA regulation, though many states have OSHA type regulations that govern the public sector.
Workers have the right to a safe working environment.  Potential hazards should be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.  OSHA regulations describe the working conditions that are legal, including the limits on the hazardous material workers can be exposed to.  Safety regulations on certain pieces of equipment or chemical substances are also regulated. 
OSHA standards include:
  1.  Guidelines to prevent cave-ins for workers who must work in trenches.
  2. Protection from infectious diseases.
  3. Protection from slips and falls.
  4. Protection from harmful substances.
  5. Protective measures on machines and equipment
  6. Provision of certain safety equipment, such as air masks and respirators, by the employer for the worker.
OSHA also requires that the employer display information about OSHA regulations.  The company must also prominently display safety information regarding the safety practices for hazards.  The company must also make available medical equipment and make known where medical supplies can be found. You have the right to adequate safety training and equipment.  You also have the right to review the company’s safety records.
You also have the right to contact OSHA with any fears or concerns you may have on the job.  You have the right to request an investigation into safety practices.    OSHA lists worker’s rights on its website.  It clearly spells out the worker’s right to file a complaint without fear of recrimination from the employer.
It is a violation of the Act for an employer to fire, demote, transfer or discriminate in any way against a worker for filing a complaint or using other OSHA rights.
Workers also have the right to confer privately with OSHA inspectors, sit in on meetings and hearings, and be present during the OSHA inspection.

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