How to Be a Safe Passenger on a Motorcycle

                        Most of the responsibility of getting you to your destination safely is on the driver of the motorcycle, the passenger still can do several things to help prevent a motorcycle accident in Kansas City.  There are also certain steps you can take to make sure that you are as protected as possible in the event of an accident   The following things will help the driver of the motorcycle and you as a passenger to have a fun and safe ride:

  1. Protective footwear—Shoes such as hiking boots will protect your feet and your ankles.
  2. Durable pants—If you are in an accident, thick leather or denim pants will save you a lot of pain.
  3. Abrasion resistant jacket—Similarly to the pants, a proper jacket will prevent road rash
  4. Leather gloves—Gloves  prevent burns and road rash.
  5. Non-baggy clothes—Loose or floppy clothes can get caught in a moving part of the motorcycle and cause an accident.
  6. Properly fitting helmet—A snug helmet with the strap pulled tight could very likely save your life in an accident
  7. Use the foot pegs—Make sure the rider has the foot pegs down and keep your feet securely on them.  You do not want your foot or leg to to come in contact with the wheel, drive chain, belt or muffler.  Never try and help the rider hold the bike upright when it is stopped.

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