According to National Highway Traffic Administration data, 306 children were killed in pedestrian accidents in 2007. The majority of these child injury accidents occurred after school, often while children were on their way home. The majority of those killed were boys.
Children have difficulty judging the speed, distance and size of on-coming vehicles, and they are small.  This makes them especially vulnerable to pedestrian car accidents. There are four types of accidents that commonly occur between children and motor vehicles.
1. The child darts out into the street at the corner or mid-block. – These accidents occur when children are playing.  They run in the street after another child, a ball or other object.
2. A vehicle turns into the path of a child when child is crossing at a green light or walk sign. The child thinks they are safe because the sign says “walk”, so they do not look for vehicles.
3. A child is hidden from view by an ice cream truck or bus and a driver does not stop.
4. A vehicle backs out of roadway, driveway or parking lot and the driver does not see the child.
It’s never too early to talk to your child about safety. Teach your child that it is better to wait for an on-coming vehicle to pass and to wait for the next light. You can help your child avoid pedestrian accidents by  following these safety tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Children under the age of 10 should be supervised when playing or walking near traffic.
Teach children to ask for help before retrieving a toy from the street.
Cross only at a corner or intersection.
Stop at the edge of parked cars, the curb, an ice cream truck or other vehicle.
Cross at a crosswalk, green light or “walk” signal, but don’t assume a green light means the road is safe. Look for on-coming traffic.
Remember, even if you see the driver, the driver may not see you. So, be sure the driver has stopped before you cross the street.
Look LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT for moving cars.
Cross when it is clear, but keep looking left and right.  
Walk, don’t run or dart into the street.
Rear lights, exhaust smoke, motor sounds, and turning wheels are signs that a car is about to move. Stay out of the way of these cars.
Always look for cars when crossing a driveway or entrance to a parking lot.
Walk alertly. Don’t wear an MP3 player or other audio device while walking near traffic.
Be seen. Wear bright colors and reflective clothing. Carry a flashlight or reflector at night.
Every child accident is one accident too many.  The Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys is dedicated to improving the lives of children who are harmed by accidents, neglect or abuse.  We represent victims of all types of child injury, including bicycle accidents, car accidents, cerebral palsy, child abuse, daycare injuries, dog bites, foster care abuse, school injuries, shaken baby syndrome, and wrongful death.  To us, children come first.

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