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Preventing Pharmaceutical Injuries and Securing Recoveries May Take You, Your Kansas City Drug Injury Lawyer and a Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical companies create, market, and sell the medications that we need to improve or maintain our health. They are undoubtedly important. Yet, pharmaceutical companies also have responsibilities, as do injured patients and Kansas City pharmaceutical injury lawyers. If you have been hurt, then it is important to know about all of these responsibilities so you can fight for the recovery you deserve.


It is the Pharmaceutical Company’s Responsibility To:


Protect You. Protecting you may include things such as:


  • Diligent testing. A pharmaceutical company should test their products and be reasonably certain of their safety prior to marketing.
  • Providing adequate warnings. Some drugs do have side effects but may still be important for patients with certain conditions. In other words, the benefits of the drugs may outweigh the known risks. However, the pharmaceutical companies still have a responsibility to warn of those risks so that patients and their doctors can make informed decisions.


It is an Injured Patient’s Responsibility To:


Report your injury. This report may be made to the FDA, to your doctor and to a Kansas City personal injury lawyer. Together, these reports can help prevent the injury from happening to other people and help you recover physically and financially from the harm that has been done to you.


It is Your Kansas City Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney’s Responsibility To:


Help you. You have been hurt, and your needs should come first. Your experienced Kansas City personal injury lawyer will fight for your fair and just recovery. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of a pharmaceutical company’s negligence or failure to warn. Instead, you should get the medical care that you need and the financial recovery to which you are legally entitled.


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